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Complimentary Book of Home Finance (2020-2021 Edition)

Our gift to you: The most comprehensive text within the world of real estate finance — especially designed to help you become a mortgage industry expert for success. This book has launched thousands of careers in the mortgage industry.

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“Fairly new, I took the class to gain an overview as a processor. Six weeks later, my loan officer was hospitalized and I needed to cover both jobs. I could not have done it without the knowledge gained from this class. Eighty-five percent of the questions asked by borrowers I could answer, and if not, I knew where to go for the information. Thanks, Dave “

Jennifer Pokorny, Processor

“You by far have the most comprehensive industry newsletter out there. I am a real estate broker for 27 years & learn more from your market review than any other source. Keep up the good work!”

Karin Cannon, CRS, HRC, LMC, Associate Broker


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What to Do if Your Mortgage Forbearance is Ending

Most mortgage borrowers aim to weather the storm of financial difficulties and stay in their homes.  In such cases, there are a number of options for addressing short-term cash issues

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More than 1 million senior homeowners have now taken out reverse mortgages. There’s a good chance you might, too, once you reach age 62. But the question of how to use

The Truth About Niches

I can’t tell you how many times a sales person comes to me after a speech and asks me about the viability and advisability of marketing within a certain niche.

What To Do With Hard to Sell Homes

Even in the best real estate markets, some homes are harder to sell. Perhaps they are unique, have a hard to reach location or there is another feature which is

Time Management Tip: Align Goals With Priorities

Time is money.  If you don’t make the best use of the time, you are much less likely to be successful.  If you feel that you are never “on top of” your

Obtaining the Best Appraisal in Any Market

This has certainly been an interesting several years for the housing markets. The prices of homes have been anything but stable during the past several years. First, home prices were increasing at

Be More Effective Over The Phone

Do you want to talk about stress? Nothing is more stressful than receiving a stone cold phone inquiry and knowing that you have precious few seconds to develop rapport and

Mistakes To Avoid When Financing Your Home

Buying and financing a home is the most important personal financial decision we will make in our lifetime. Over a lifetime, the average homeowner may pay one-half of a million

Does Your Business Model Define Success?

You can go to a hundred different trainers and so-called business development experts and you would get a hundred different answers with regard to what makes someone successful in business. 

How to Be the Most Attractive Homebuyer

Each home selling season tends to flood the housing market with buyers, and in markets with low inventory levels, the competition is stiff.  Desirable houses are receiving multiple offers and to win

Your Sales Training Is Wrong

We hate to say this, but more than 50% of what you learn in sales training is absolutely wrong. This poor training is one of the reasons that we have

The Keys to Qualifying for a Mortgage

The purchase of a home is the goal of the […] This post is only available to members.

Aim For a Better Closing Experience

Buying a home or refinancing a home mortgage remains one of the most important financial decisions one will make in a lifetime.  There are very few personal decisions one can

The Seven Rules of Maximum Synergy Marketing

The average business person spends less than 20 percent of their time marketing. Why not spend more time on this important task? There is not enough time. This is why

Increase My Credit Score Now

Changes in lending rules have made your credit score even more important to your long-term economic health. Mortgage, credit card, auto and other lenders are now charging a higher rate

When Attitude Affects Performance

Attitude will figure in every equation of performance and if you are honest with yourself it may be time for a change. Faced with three alternatives for action: Stay with

Planning to Buy a Home in the Next Five Years?

Approximately 52% of Americans plan to buy a home in the next five years, according to a report from the American Bankers Association, which leaves 1,825 days to save anywhere from

Nine Elements of Effective Employee Praise

Here’s a fun exercise: Think about an old boss you didn't like. On a scale of one to 10 and no, you can’t use negative numbers.  How would you rate

Want To Purchase? FHA Requires Less Cash…

Fannie Mae has conducted national surveys regarding the obstacles potential home owners have to overcome when trying to purchase their first home. The findings showed that there are many obstacles

The Real Secret to Success

Many sales professionals always seem to be searching for that "secret to success." These leads many attend "Superstar" events in which the attendees get to hear from those who are

Tax Deductions For Homeowners

You have heard it before. Owning a home is a great tax deduction. It is one thing to make a general statement. It is another to understand the specifics of how

Basic Guides for Cold Calling

If you have read our previous articles on this topic, you will get the impression that we do not think highly of "cold calling." Sales people actually ignore previous and