What others have to say about Dave’s programs…

What Students and Mentors are Saying

Really appreciate your mastery in these newsletters that draw great response that is positive from our clients.   You help us make a difference Dave.    Thank you.”  ~ Cindy and Geoff, Branch Managers

I have worked in the mortgage industry for over 10 years, including as a loan officer many years ago. For the past few years I was processing mortgages for a credit union, then decided to transition into a loan officer assistant position with a new company. The OriginationPro Mortgage School Curriculum was extremely helpful in getting me up to speed so I could be productive from my first day in my new role. The training was also helpful as additional preparation for the national mortgage loan officer licensing exam. I have attended many of Dave Hershman’s trainings in the past and I knew the material is much more advanced than other courses, and I was not disappointed. I would highly recommend the OriginationPro Mortgage School to both new and experienced mortgage professionals….” ~ Janet Raedels

The best mortgage course I have ever seen. It opened my mind to thinking to a new level. I was able to rise to the top 8.0% of closed loan volume of my company of 2,000 loan officers. I thought of myself as successful already but your course has brought me to a new level.”  ~  Jaime Ramos

After I have finished kicking myself for not knowing about this course when I entered the industry, I can say I have learned more skills in 3 days than I have in my first 8 months. Dave’s energy is inspiring. I know I can offer more valuable service to my clients. Thanks Dave! ”  ~ Tim Nelson, Majestic Mortgage

Energetic, logical and a must for everyone.”  ~ Kurt Johnson, Realtor

Dave is a fantastic speaker. He gives a different perspective on how to increase business.”  ~ Karen Van Diver, Realtor

Thank you for all of your support over the years.  OriginationPro has been a key ingredient of my success over the past 10 years or so. You changed by business direction back on 2008/2009 and I can never adequately express my appreciation for your insight, your product and your encouragement.” !  Jeff Baxter Loan Officer

Motivational Genius!” ~ Natalie McGoorty, Loan Officer

Great. Best information I have heard in years. Made too much sense not to take action now!”  ~ Oliver Boody, Processor

Dave gave real advice I can use today, no hocus pocus.”  ~  Mende Thorn, Loan Officer

Outstanding–so simple to understand–why didn’t I already know this?” ~ Dennis Andrews, Branch Manager

Offers many no-nonsense tips on marketing and originating. No tapes/book sales hype. Well organized and professionally presented. Dave Hershman knows the business…”  ~ Paul Carr, Loan Officer

I need to start right away in applying these rules to close a lot more business. Greatest speaker and very important program.” ~ Ilaisaane Umufuke, Life Agent

Great information that opened my eyes to many new ideas that were never brought to my attention before.” ~ Jason McKenzie, Branch Manager

Your Financial Report has helped keep my clients informed about current economic events, helped keep me connected throughout the year and saved me time and effort because I don’t have to produce my own material. I often receive feedback from clients responding to the newsletter. I believe your service is very valuable for any advisor looking to maintain and grow their practice.” Richard Bergen CPA, CFP  

Excellent. Very progressive & innovative in his approach & style. Many great ideas….” ~ John Tunstall, Senior Loan Officer

Motivational, knowledgeable, humorous, simplistic…” ~ Kathleen Callahan, Wholesale AE

Very knowledgeable and just full of ways to make a difference in our work…” ~ Edward Cudlipp, Loan officer

Good—informative—great ideas to create business!…” ~ Sonia Garcia, Loan Officer

Very good overall coverage of most important concepts in this business…” ~ Shellie Swafford, Loan Officer

Very good…His hands on experience speaks volumes…” ~ John Miller, Vice President

Excellent—Real stuff you can use today…” ~ Dennis Kleinman, Sr. Vice President

Eloquent, Informative, Thorough…” ~ Rick Rodriquez, Loan Officer

The best as usual…” ~ Gail Adams, Account Executive

I will leave today with some good ideas that I can put to work this afternoon…” ~ Hillary Longo, Originator

Very, very relaxed and casual. Not intimidating. Very personable! Excellent…” ~ Nicholas Long, Loan Officer

Excellent, lively, entertaining, quick pace. Solid information…” ~ Jim Fox, Loan Officer

Great, wish we had more time for such dynamite material…” ~ George McGee, Vice President

Fantastic, excellent, I learned a lot in a short time…” ~ John Martin, Loan Officer

Excellent, he is extremely knowledgeable on subject…” ~ Janice Dusette, Loan Officer

Enjoyed the program thoroughly & I expect to reduce the stress related to my profession significantly…” ~ Wanda Gutierrez, Loan Officer

Great, Dynamic.” ~ Jay Blanton, Loan Officer