We have written many times about the advantages of becoming an expert within your chosen field. Among other things–

• Being an expert will help differentiate yourself from the competition in a positive way;
• Being an expert will put you in a position of giving advice, rather than selling;
• People seek out experts
• Experts charge more

However, becoming an expert is not enough by itself. You must implement a business model that revolves around becoming an expert. This business model starts by making sure everyone within your sphere knows you are an expert. Think about this…

1. Does your neighbor think they have a real estate agent, loan officer, insurance agent or financial planner living near them?

2. Or does your neighbor think they have a financial or real estate expert in their neighborhood?

They don’t get either view by accident. The view evolves because of your marketing plan. The question–does your marketing plan have this objective? This article will focus upon the actions you can implement to help achieve this worthy objective.

Provide expert information. Experts provide expert information but they don’t always author this information. You need to show that you have access to the information and that you are watching and reading such on their behalf. This information may include articles, special reports or announcements. These may be comprised of economic or real estate market updates. You may mail these with notes or you may be more likely to email them to your clients or prospects. We should note that the information provided has to be relevant for the viewer. A market update that is technical may have no relevance to a homeowner with no financial background. In other words–it should be simple and understandable.

Write articles. Whether you are publishing a column in a local newspaper or writing an article in an industry publication, being published is one way to demonstrate you are an expert. Keep in mind that this ideal does not have to be the only purpose of publishing your ideas. Your articles also can make the phone ring. In addition, the exposure is not limited to those who read the publication as you can provide a copy of the work to your sphere.

Teach a course, give a seminar or e-seminar or present a speech for a local organization. You can teach a course for continuing education credit or otherwise at a community college. You can give a seminar for first-time buyers or investors. Public speaking is a skill and a very important medium for experts to demonstrate their expertise. And, of course, the events themselves provide the opportunity to turn prospects into customers. Keep in mind that not everyone has to attend the event to understand you are an expert. Those who are invited but do not show up will also get the message. Finally, you don’t have to give the entire speech to be seen as an expert. You will be seen as an expert even if you “host” a seminar at which additional experts are presenting–at your invitation, of course!

Host a talk show. Whether it is via radio or TV, or even through the Internet, the mass media provides a stage for experts to “show their stuff.” Once again, you don’t have to do all the talking. You can have others present and/or perhaps you can interview them.

Lead an organization. Just don’t join local organizations–become a leader. Join and become part of committees such as educational committees that may lead seminars. Help host events in the name of these professional organizations.

Send out news releases. News releases making announcements about your business may not only be published, but they may cause local writers to call or email you asking for quotes in addition to those contained in the release–experts are quoted.

Send a regular newsletter. Whether this newsletter is weekly via email or a monthly print newsletter, it should be relevant and demonstrate your expertise. This means you should stay away from recipes or handy homeowner hints. Hard hitting real estate and/or financial news will be linked to those considered experts.

The goal is worthy. But we always like to say “success is not an accident–it happens because of a plan.” These ideas make the road to becoming known as an expert very clear. Yes, you must be an expert. But what is the use of being an expert if no one knows that you are a expert?