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Dave will develop a custom program to meet your organization’s needs.  Many of these programs are designed for both loan officers and real estate agents so you can deliver more value to your targets by inviting agents to the presentation. They can be delivered live or by webinar. Choose from this complete topic list, along with the featured programs, to start building your custom program:

In this era of rapid change, what is it going to take to succeed as a new world of lending is upon us? Technology brings opportunities but also more competition, especially in a purchase market. Today, planning for the future is more important than ever.

Finding time to market is one of the most difficult tasks for a loan officer and a company. What if the greatest marketing opportunity was right under your nose?  We can show you how the loans you close can result in a perpetual source of referrals – whether you are purchasing leads or a street loan officer converting referrals.

Working under a joint venture, desk rental or as a real estate subsidiary.  Learn how to master the inside office challenge and turn any office into an unlimited source of relationships and referrals – no matter what the size.  Dave Hershman started out inside a real estate office and closed over 550 loans in his first 18 months as a rookie.

Whether you are dealing with referrals or cold calls, losing a prospect generated through your marketing is a very expensive proposition. Work on telephone, questioning, conversational, objection response and additional skills that will help increase your conversion rates.

When the market slows down, first-time buyers are still always going strong, because there is always a shortage of affordable homes for first-timers.  Learn how to target and service this all-important market, including teaching the economic reasons to own and how to market to this segment.

You will open the door to referrals by exceeding the customer’s expectations. You will never reach that point unless you master the application and customer delivery process. This program will show you how to set up your business for success from the start of the process to getting referrals before and after closing.

The ultimate value for real estate agents and loan officers. Go through the economics of leverage, tax equivalency, inflation hedging and the concept of a forced savings plan. Learn these so you can mentor real estate agents, while keeping in mind the many social advantages of homeownership.

A true mortgage advisor can help a prospect select a mortgage that best meets their financial needs. Learn how to compare fixed rates, fixed hybrids and adjustables knowing that you can’t predict the future. The process would be much easier if you could predict the future.

Call reluctance is the number one killer of sales. Yet, we all have some call reluctance.  Learn how to identify your source and methods of over-coming call reluctance.

In this day of high-tech targeted marketing, no person can be effective without top notch presentation skills. This session will help overcome the fear of public speaking and show you how mastering this skill will differentiate you from the competition


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Bring Dave Hershman into your organization to help provide a different perspective and approach. Subject to availability, Dave can come in on a contract basis for short-term or long-term assignments. Contact Dave directly at dave@hershmangroup.com to schedule a free telephone consultation.

About Dave Hershman

Dave’s programs are designed to impart his over three decades of experience as a top producing sales person, sales management executive, professor, political operative, radio personality and author. He has been heard on the Sony Worldwide Network and other programs from coast-to-coast. Dave’s books have been best sellers for over twenty years. He has trained thousands of sales people, managers, association executives and real people. Real success is not rocket science—the formula has been with us for years; hard work, determination, great customer service, and a little humor. Well, perhaps more than just a little.

Briefly, about our speaker…

  • Been a keynote speaker at hundreds of industry events
  • Produced over 550 transactions in his first 18 months in the industry including closing 60 deals in his 12th month
  • Led large mortgage production and technology sales organizations
  • Been a training director at a top-ten national brokerage
  • Written seven books in the areas of finance, management, sales and marketing, including two published by the Mortgage Bankers Association of America
  • Written hundreds of articles, including columns for National Mortgage Professional Magazine and Mortgage Professional America.
  • Helped found a Federal Bank, serving on its board
  • Trained thousands of sales, operations and management personnel.
Dave Hershman

Read What Others Have to Say About Dave’s Programs:

I wanted to take a brief moment to let you know that both the Indiana Mortgage Bankers Association and the Mortgage Bankers Association of Kentucky appreciated your presentations at the events earlier this year!

Feedback that we received was very positive and you brought much value to those attending with your insights and ideas on generating significant business within mortgage banking!

– Alan W. Thorup, CRMP
Executive Director
Indiana Mortgage Bankers Association

Your coaching laid the foundation to what I hope to be a great career and I will carry what you’ve taught me in perpetuity.  Even when you retire, your teachings from those that you have helped will continue to be passed down and the impact you have had on many careers and the industry will last well beyond your own career!  I have been lucky to have some great coaches in my life and I’m lucky I had the wits about me to listen to them most of the time! As I’ve told you, I took the job 2.5 years ago partially to sit in a real estate office but more to learn from someone who has been where I want to go.  I got what I wished for and then some in you as a coach/mentor – the only mistake I made was not coming over sooner! “

– Dan Sole
Weichert Financial/Mortgage Access Corporation