OriginationPro Marketing System for
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Content is King! The Industry’s Leading Unlimited Content for Social Media, Database Marketing and more
Today your prospects and applicants will be bombarded with solicitations from all types of media.
Increase your prospect conversion and decrease your fall-out by adding value to outshine the competition.

The OriginationPro Marketing System now includes the Inside the Glass House, Real Estate Sales Support System.

Marketing inside a real estate office is not the identical marketing you would undertake as a street, bank or on-line loan officer.  The program puts together a full line of marketing materials which will add value to the real estate agents served, as well as the entire sphere:

  • Weekly sales meeting presentations.
  • Lunch and learn presentations and homebuyer seminars.
  • A weekly real estate (not mortgage) newsletter – which is not distributed by a CRM to thousands within the industry so that the agent gets multiple copies of the same piece.
  • A library of sales, financial and real estate articles to provide to the agents.
  • Flyers which can be loaded into the loan officer’s/company’s CRM or used on social media.
  • Additional support materials such as program comparison and loan limit charts.
  • Courses which can be approved for CEU credit by states (coming in the future).
  • A Homebuyer Brochure which agents will fight to use (coming in the future).

The Most Valuable Content From The Industry’s Leading Author

  • Real estate news & economic commentary
  • Market reports without complex charts
  • Hard hitting real estate and mortgage finance articles
  • Timely responses to industry and market changes
  • Sales advice for your referral partners
  • Email directly from our system or use your emailing service
  • Use on social media, on your website, in your CRM, for blogs and more
  • Effective call-to-action material for your advertisements


$299 For The Inside the Glass House Course ($199 for CMA graduates).

$79 monthly for OriginationPro Marketing System Or $799 annually.

The annual subscription includes access to all courses, including Inside the Glass House

Enterprise Pricing

Want to offer your loan officers unlimited training and Realtor-specific marketing content?  For as low as a few dollars per month per loan officer, depending upon company size, we can provide unlimited access, controlled through your marketing and training departments for larger companies.  Click the contact us to obtain pricing and more information. Email dave@hershmangroup.com for a quote.

Enterprise pricing not only enables all of your loan officers to access the courses and materials, but also gives you the ability to add the materials to your company website, social media and CRM.  Being  able to advertise unlimited training and marketing materials is a great recruiting advantage.

Inside the Glass House Course Special

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OriginationPro Marketing System Special

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Pricing Options

Enterprise Pricing for Branches, Regions or Companies—Contact Us for Quote
1-800-581-5678 or success@hershmangroup.com

What the Industry is Saying

“Thank you for all of your support over the years.  OriginationPro has been a key ingredient of my success over the past 10 years or so. You changed by business direction back on 2008/2009 and I can never adequately express my appreciation for your insight, your product and your encouragement.”

Jeff Baxter Loan Officer

“You by far have the most comprehensive industry newsletter out there. I am a real estate broker for 27 years & learn more from your market review than any other source. Keep up the good work!”

Karin Cannon, CRS, HRC, LMC, Associate Broker

“Many agents expect me to deliver the newsletter. They in turn use the letters for their customer base and/or discuss the topics at their sales meetings. One loan resulting from the letter will pay for the cost….”

Jim Sherman

How OriginationPro Can Increase Your Production

Why Content Marketing and OriginationPro?

Why settle for recipes, handy-homeowner hints and seasons greetings, when you can be sending what is important to your clients: Real Estate and Mortgage Finance News.

Frequently Asked Questions

Still have questions about the OriginationPro Marketing System? Access our easy step-by-step Frequently Asked Questions.