Inside the Glass House

Inside the Glass House

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Program Description:   A comprehensive on-line training program and marketing support geared for loan officers who are serving a real estate office via a marketing agreement, partnership or sister company.

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Inside the Glass House

The first training and marketing support for loan officers serving a real estate office.

Because Being Inside the Glass House is entirely a different enterprise.

Dave Hershman Confession:  “Yes, I closed 600 loans in my first 18 months in the industry. But I would not have done so if I was not working inside a real estate office.”


Inside the Glass House Page (we may use some of this on the home page—need your advice on this).

Working for a real estate owned company or serving a real estate office from the inside via a marketing agreement, desk rental or other arrangement?

Are you a “street” loan officer who endeavors to set up a real estate company relationship or go to work for a company that has such a relationship?

Finally, a training course and marketing support specifically focused upon one of the most coveted and difficult positions in the industry.


Loan officers, working Inside The Glass House will give you exposure to more opportunities than you can imagine, but it is not for the feint of heart.

Managers: Finally, you can show loan officers what it will really take to succeed Inside the Glass House, before you hire them from off the street or from a bank.

What you get to help you succeed Inside the Glass house:

An online training course of ___ hours covering the four essential elements needed for success Inside the Glass House.

  • A is for Attitude. This segment covers the traits that are important for every loan officer—but tend to be more critical for a loan officer inside the glass house.
  • O is for Opportunity. We will demonstrate that the opportunity inside the glass house is many, many times greater than the typical loan officer or company has defined – much more than the sales of the office.  We will show that even a small real estate office has unlimited opportunities by covering:
    • The personal sphere of a loan officer.
    • The sphere of a real estate office.
    • The sphere of each transaction.
    • The sales and listings of the office.
  • R is for Relationships. There can be no success inside the glass house without the development of deep personal and business relationships. Without these relationships, you can’t take advantage of the opportunities.
  • V is for Value. Relationships are only sustained if you deliver value to the relationship. We will go over seven levels of value, each climbing up the value ladder or importance. Example:  Appearing at a real estate sales meeting weekly, biweekly or monthly?  Are you an excellent public speaker and do you have a professional agenda to present each time? We provide the training for such meetings and the presentations to make them exceptional!

Download the Syllabus Here

The OriginationPro Marketing System:

Again, marketing inside a real estate office is not the identical marketing you would undertake as a street, bank or on-line loan officer.  The program puts together a full line of marketing materials which will add value to the real estate agents served, as well as the entire sphere:

  • Weekly sales meeting presentations.
  • Lunch and learn presentations and homebuyer seminars.
  • A weekly real estate (not mortgage) newsletter – which is not distributed by a CRM to thousands within the industry so that the agent gets multiple copies of the same piece.
  • A library of sales, financial and real estate articles to provide to the agents.
  • Flyers which can be loaded into the loan officer’s/company’s CRM or used on social media.
  • Additional support materials such as program comparison and loan limit charts.
  • Courses which can be approved for CEU credit by states (coming in the future).
  • A Homebuyer Brochure which agents will fight to use (coming in the future).

Frequently Asked Questions:

What if I am a loan officer on the street trying to capture real estate agent business – will this course and marketing system help me?  The short answer is yes.  You need to understand the same concepts and deliver the same level of value-added support. Plus it will give you an understanding of the competition in the form of the in-house loan officer.

What if I am new to the industry? We recommend that you take the OriginationPro’s Mortgage School Certified Mortgage Advisor Series first.  When you complete these courses you can add the Inside the Glass House course for a discounted price.

Download the Marketing Table of Contents Here


$399 For The Inside the Glass House Course ($199 for CMA graduates).

Bonus: Includes three months of the OriginationPro Marketing System membership.

$79 monthly for OriginationPro Marketing System Or $799 annually.

Includes the Inside the Glass House Course.

Enterprise Pricing:

Up to 5 loan officers:   $299 monthly (includes access to all courses) Or $2,999 annually.

Up to 10 loan officers:  $499 monthly (includes access to all courses) Or $4,999 annually.

Up to 25 loan officers:  $799 monthly (includes access to all courses) Or $7,999 annually.

Over 25 loan officers: email for a quote


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