Complete Topics List

Dave’s programs are designed to impart his twenty years experience as a top producing sales person, sales management executive, professor, political operative, radio personality and author. He has been heard on the Sony Worldwide Network and other programs from coast-to-coast. Dave’s books have been best sellers for over ten years. He has trained thousands of sales people, managers, association executives and real people. Real success is not rocket science—the formula has been with us for years; hard work, determination, great customer service, and a little humor. Well, perhaps more than just a little.

Topics Include

  1. Keynote: Success in a New World
    In this era of rapid change what is it going to take to succeed as a new world of fiscal conservatism and regulation is upon us? Automation, synergy, new leadership skills and more productivity with less stress!
  2. Maximum Sphere Marketing
    A sales person’s sphere is their most important and most underutilized resource. Top producers focus upon referrals and they come from their sphere. Learn how to identify, grow and deliver value to your sphere and change your business forever.
  3. Great Management and Recruiting Skills For Leaders
    The secret of a good manager? Hire the right people for the right job, give them the tools they need and don’t get in the way! This session will help managers develop a recruitment plan for success as well as communication and support skills. Because when we hire the right people, we want to keep them!
  4. Great Presentation Skills Are Not Rocket Science
    In this day of high-tech targeted marketing, no person can be effective without top notch presentation skills. This session will help overcome the fear of public speaking.
  5. Great Time Management is Not Rocket Science
  6. Converting More Leads
  7. Great Customer Service Skills
  8. Mortgage Technical Topics: Comparing Mortgages, Analyzing the Self-Employed Borrower, Originating FHA Mortgages and More.

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