The World of Mortgages provides basic mortgage knowledge for someone coming into the industry and is appropriate for novice loan officers, assistants and operations personnel. The knowledge learned in this course will help someone going through license preparations, though licensing preparation is not an objective of the course.

In the Advanced Mortgage Knowledge course, loan officers will work towards becoming an  expert mortgage advisor with the knowledge that will enable them to give expert advice and  deliver great service.






World of Mortgages topics include:

Introductions and Terms
Types of Mortgages
Sources of Mortgages
Mortgage Qualification Ratios, Residuals and Credit Scores
Taking a Loan Application

Advanced Mortgage Knowledge topics include:

The Economic Reasons to Own a Home
Understanding Rates and the Secondary Markets
Comparing Mortgages
Refinancing a Mortgage
Delivering Great Customer Service
Qualification-Beyond Ratios and Residuals



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