Section One: Organizational Materials

You can’t market unless you get organized. Chapter One will help you with priority lists, goal sheets and even a new loan officer announcement. Take a close look at the marketing plan and database organization because these are keys to effectively utilizing the tools you will find elsewhere in The Complete Mortgage Marketing Kit™.

Section Two: Application Materials

Effective applications help make a loan officer succeed. Now you will have the materials you will need to make the process easier and more effective. The pre-application kit is designed to help you obtain information from your prospects and can be used as part of a relocation package. The customer service survey will help you garner testimonials and referrals from the clients you service the application process should spearhead your marketing plan. Included in this section are also application follow-up materials to help you more effectively manage your pipeline.

Section Three: Letters

Now you will have a letter for every occasion. The Complete Mortgage Marketing Kit™ contains 250 letters for every target–refinance candidates, builders, real estate agents, financial planners, real estate brokers, previous customers and more. Many of the letters integrate maximum synergy methods such as response mechanisms. The letters can be used individually and the Kit contains fifteen ten-week direct mail campaigns. The letters can also help you compose scripts and/or emails. You may never have to compose a letter again!

Section Four:  Scripts/Emails

Half the battle is getting the phone to ring and the other half is knowing what to say when the person is on the line. If you don’t know what to say, you will have wasted your time and money getting the phone to ring. This section will help you determine what questions to ask those who are rate shopping or even those who want to purchase a home (synergy marketing tip – this is great information to share with your real estate agents). There are also basic emails and out-bound telemarketing scripts to help produce leads. Selling over the phone and on the web is serious business and the Kit has serious tools to help you succeed.

Section Five:  Real Estate Reports

Delivering value is what separates you from those who compete solely based upon price. Now you will have a complete line of consumer based articles that are designed to bring educational value to your prospects and previous customers. Imagine being able to email or fax an on-target article for almost every inquiry you receive. These reports can be shared with real estate agents and financial planners so that you are providing value to your business-to-business referral sources as well. Many of the advertisements in The Complete Mortgage Marketing Kit™ (letters, flyers, brochures) use these reports as response mechanisms in order to make the marketing collateral more effective.

Section Six:  Sales Articles

The rules of synergy marketing dictate that you not only provide real value, but that you provide real value to your most effective sources of business. Real estate agents, financial planners, insurance agents, lawyers and accountants are business people and sales people. Now you can provide the ultimate value with articles that are specifically designed to help those in business produce more income. These articles provide you with excellent topics to present at sales meetings and many of our clients provide the articles to real estate brokers in order to help them put together a great sales meeting agenda every week.

Section Seven:  Newsletters

Value can be delivered in many forms and this section puts content in the form of generic newsletters you can distribute to all of your targets. There are four one page and one four-page newsletter templates that can be printed or emailed as a higher-end piece. You will have enough success with these generic newsletters to convince you that in the long run a newsletter service such as the OriginationPro Marketing System will be a great accompaniment to the Marketing Kit.

Section Eight: Marketing Flyers, Ads and Postcards

Now you can have professional flyers for a variety of products and services. You can print after personalizing or can take the flyers to a printer and produce higher quality presentations. Each flyer is also included as a postcard and newspaper ad so you don’t have to reformat for additional advertising mediums. Now you have the makings of coordinated marketing campaigns at your fingertips. And, of course, many of the flyers use response mechanisms such as the finance reports provided in Section Five.

Section Nine: Brochures

The Complete Mortgage Marketing Kit™ gives you a choice of two brochures. Over ninety percent of the text is included and you merely have to add your personal information. One is a general brochure that markets your overall business. The second is a more specific brochure that focuses upon offering pre-approvals. There is even a response card included with the pre-approval brochure. If you have a color printer and Microsoft Publisher, you can produce these brochures yourself you can work with the local printer for a higher end finished product.

Section Ten: Market Rate Updates

Even with all the advanced marketing tools available in The Complete Mortgage Marketing Kit™, you will still find many mortgage lenders using traditional rate sheet marketing. Now you will have many styles to choose from each in Microsoft Word so you can integrate rates easily. Some of the sheets are combined with mini-newsletters so that recipients are more likely to keep your rate sheets versus the competition. Even old tools can be made more efficient with the addition of synergistic value.

Section Eleven: FSBO Kit

For sale by owners represent an untapped gold mine of leads for many lenders. Each home may attract tons of prospective customers. Now you will have the tools necessary to service the FSBO market – flyers, open house sheets, finance reports and even a visitor log for an open house. Now you can be a FSBO specialty lender with the marketing power of a major corporate entity. Imagine the synergy when you can recommend your top agents to your FSBO clients.

Section Twelve: Seminars

Now you can present seminars without the hassle of developing the curriculum or the presentation and marketing materials. The Complete Mortgage Marketing Kit™ includes three full seminars:  First Time Homebuyers, Purchasing a Home With Someone Else’s Money (a unique exclusive) and How To Lower Your Payments (refinance seminar). You will have PowerPoint slides, flyers and support materials. Want to really impress a real estate agent? Show them your ready-to-go color slide presentation. You will be in position to present seminars together with your best referral sources.

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