The Book of  Home Finance
2021 Edition

Want to earn what you are worth? Now you can be a mortgage expert with the most comprehensive work available on the subject of residential real estate finance. Whether you are trying to enter the mortgage industry, trying to guide a prospective client through the process, teaching a real estate finance course or keeping on top of all aspects of residential lending, you will find the material in this book invaluable. If you want to earn what you are worth, you need the book tens of thousands of mortgage personnel have used to gain the pinnacle of their profession. No other book available on-line or in-print covers comprehensively all of the topics comprising the complex world of real estate finance.

View summaries of the Chapters of the Book of Home Finance below. Many mortgage brokers order multiple copies at a discount so they can provide as a premium to their Realtors or prospective home buyers. Order copies for every employee within your office-processors, closers and even underwriters can benefit from the working knowledge of this book. At larger volumes they can be printed with your own company’s cover.

Find out why the National Association of Home Builders, the Mortgage Bankers Association of America and tens of thousands of mortgage industry veterans and real estate professionals have integrated the Book of Home Finance into their continuing education programs.