OriginationPro has been providing expert training and marketing solutions for over three decades. The company was founded by Dave Hershman after he authored two best sellers for the Mortgage Bankers Association of America — Managing a Branch Office and the Loan Officer’s Complete Guide to Marketing & Selling Mortgage Services.

Dave started in the industry as a loan officer, closing over 550 transactions in his first 18 months on the street. He quickly became a manager and a production executive. When he became a manager, he realized that there was a lack of support material for management training and guidance within the industry, which led to his first MBA book.

While he was building OriginationPro by offering “copy and go” print newsletters to loan officers, he headed sales forces for entities such as Chase Manhattan Mortgage, Weichert Mortgage and Ellie Mae.

While other top speakers focused merely upon keynotes, Dave developed the OriginationPro Mortgage School, a three-day live course taught around the country that he taught personally.

Dave also led National Management Conferences focusing upon recruiting, hiring, support and mentoring skills for production managers. Dave went on to author four more books, including the Book of Home Finance and the Complete Mortgage Management Kit.

When the financial crisis brought licensing to the industry, most training companies focused upon licensing. Again Dave went in another direction. He created the Certified Mortgage Advisor Program, a webinar program designed to help loan officers become experts and achieve success. He did this because he knew that government sponsored training had little correlation to success.

Now the program and Dave’s school has been brought on-line. Our mission is to help loan officers become experts and market like experts…because experts make more money in every industry.

Together with the OriginationPro Marketing System, we deliver the perfect combination of advisor training and expert marketing materials.