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  • Course One provides basic mortgage knowledge for someone  coming into the industry and is appropriate for novice loan officers, assistants and operations  personnel. The knowledge learned in this course will help someone going through license  preparations, though licensing preparation is not an objective of the course.
  • In Course Two, loan officers will work towards becoming an  expert mortgage advisor with the knowledge that will enable them to give expert advice and  deliver great service.
  • Course Three provides comprehensive marketing and sales material –  including generating referrals, converting leads, leveraging transactions and delivering value to  referral sources.
  • Recruiting and Mentorship – Course Four will provide a comprehensive treatment of  mentorship…identifying characteristics of ideal candidates and where to find them. The course  is also applicable to the mentorship of experienced loans officers as well.
  • Successful completion of courses one through three are  required to achieve the Certified Mortgage Advisor Designation. Successful completion will  include passing the test for each course and submitting completed homework assignments.  Those with commensurate industry experience (minimum two years) can take the test for the  World of Mortgages course and, if they achieve a passing grade, they will need to take only the second two courses to achieve CMA certification.
  • Successful completion of courses one through four are  required to achieve the Certified Mortgage Mentor Designation. Successful completion will  include passing the test for each course and submitting completed homework assignments. The  first course cannot be skipped for this designation.
  • For anyone entering the industry, it is important to learn more about the actors, terms and processes – as well as the laws that regulate the industry.
  • Everyone knows about the economic benefits of owning, but few can teach the concepts of leverage, tax benefits, inflation protection and forced savings to real estate agents and prospect. This course will make you a master and a mentor to all.
  • You must plan for success.  This course not only addresses the area of goal planning, but also the most important factor – you.  Your goal needs to be to improve from within in order to reach the pinnacle of success.
  • What is the cost of an undertrained hire? In the mortgage industry, the toll can be devastating in terms of wasted resources, compliance issues and reputation. Now you have the ability to test your new hires and present staff to see where they stand with regard to their base of knowledge. Includes separate exams and grading for Basic, Advanced and Business Building Courses.
  • Become an expert in the types of mortgages offered within the industry, from fixed rates, to fixed-hybrids to adjustable rate mortgages. Learn how each one works, including amortization schedules and ARM components.
  • The major sources of mortgages include, FHA, VA, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and more. The goal of the class is to learn the eligibility and qualification standards, as well as the offerings of each.
  • Ratios, credit scores, residuals and more all play a part in qualifying a mortgage prospect.  Learn more about the math and qualification processes.
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    Coming in 2019 to accommodate the New Application Form.  Learn how to fill out each part of the Uniform Residential Loan Application Form as well as the Loan Estimate Form.
  • Want to be an expert mortgage advisor? Then you must understand how mortgage products react in different environments. Learn how to compare options when your client is facing an uncertain future or rates and stability, including comparing programs, closing cost options and mortgage insurance.
  • Learn the all-important factors which affect your loan production and lender profitability. From what determines the direction of rates to rate spreads, this topic is essential for anyone who wants to become a mortgage expert.
  • Refinances are different than purchases, from qualification rules to motivations. Learn agency guidelines, the motivations and the economics of refinances.
  • Want more referrals? Exceed your customer’s expectations during the process. That starts with a great application and great pipeline management.  This course is the key to unlocking more referrals within the application process.
  • Want to be the “go-to” alternative for real estate agents and other referral sources? Learn how to make deals happen. This  course is designed to address the issues faced in the qualification process and how to overcome them.
  • Learn to master the entire sales process from beginning to end, whether you are converting cold call leads, or soliciting referrals. Over coming objections, needs assessments, questioning skills, dealing with personality types and call reluctance is all part of the curriculum for sales mastery.
  • Get ready to put together the marketing plan you never thought was possible. Starting with the laws of marketing, we move into synergy marketing and then finish with sphere marketing. The course includes micro sphere marketing (within the application) and macro sphere marketing (within real estate offices or bank branches). The goal? More effectiveness with less cost and even less stress.
  •  Become a master at marketing the real estate world, including targeting agents, overcoming objections and what they are looking for from you. The most important section? How to change the equation from sales person to leader by adding value.
  • Go straight to the source of purchase and refinance business and put yourself in position to add major value to your referral sources.  Target first-time and move-up buyers, investors, vacation homes, previous customers and alternative referral sources.  Learn how to handle the rate question.
  • Selecting the service, skills and marketing tools which will be part of your business plan. Includes CRMs, pre-approval programs, public speaking and many more.