The FinancialPro™ marketing materials are published as follows:

  • Financial Report™ – Personalized weekly HTML email for your general database mailings.
  • Financial Update™ – Four-page monthly print newsletter that you can mail monthly or quarterly.
  • The Sales Update™ – There is a library of these sales articles on the site as emails. You can view the library, select the topic issue that you would like and email it to yourself…or you can email directly from our system (see #2 – Email Lists below). These documents can also be converted to PDFs.
  • The Financial Page™ – There is a library of personal finance articles on the site as HTML’s. You can view the library, select the topic issue that you would like and email it to yourself… or you can email directly from our system (see #2 – Email
    Lists below). These documents can also be converted to PDFs.
  • Special Occasion Emails – Birthday, anniversary and holiday emails that you can forward… or you can email directly from our system (see #2 – Email Lists below).

Yes, you can email any of the material in the “Online” section of the dashboard (as opposed to print materials). On the left hand side of the Dashboard Page, you will see Email Lists. This will take you to the section of the system that will allow you to add email lists to the system.

The lists must be imported as CSV files. Directions are available to help you convert an Excel file to a CSV file. Once your file has been converted to a CSV file, name the list under “Add a New List” and upload. You can add individual addresses to uploaded lists as well. You can also change the name of a list that has already been created.

To email a document using the system, go into a library and locate the document. Click on “Email This Document to My Email Lists.” A pop up will appear asking you which list you would like to send to. Click on one or more and then click “Send Your Email.” Note that spamming is not allowed. You may not purchase lists and load them into the system.

Yes, you will have unlimited fresh content for social media at all times. You can post shorter articles or links to newsletters and longer articles. Plus, you can post to your website, blog or other site. You can even publish these as your own articles.  For example, publishing a local real estate/mortgage finance column in your local newspaper or a local blog.

The weekly HTML email, The Financial Report™, will arrive in your email either Sunday or Monday. You can also view and email it to yourself by logging in to your account, or you can email it directly from the system. See above.

The Financial Update™ is published monthly during the last week of the month for the next month. They can be viewed on-line and an announcement is sent out when they are published.

Documents which are published as libraries (Financial Pages, Sales Updates and Emails) are available at any time. From time-to-time new editions will be added to the libraries.

The Financial Update™ (four pages) and The Financial Report™, (email) report on the latest finance news: economic commentary, legislation, market updates, personal finance news and more. The Sales Update™ covers topics of interest to those who would like to increase their productivity. The Financial Page™ consists of personal finance articles affecting taxes, insurance, investments and more. The articles are updated periodically.

Note on the relevancy of the topics: Our belief is that your targets are interested in their investments and finances in general, not your specific product. For example, they would get tired of insurance news every week. We give them a broader variety of articles so that they have an incentive to read the materials with interest.

The publications can be distributed to present and previous customers, referral sources, prospects and other parts of your sphere. There is no limit to the amount of distribution. The program includes training on how to increase the size of your sphere. Note that spamming is not allowed. You may not purchase lists and load them into the system.

The materials are written by Dave Hershman; an expert who has authored several books, including two published by the Mortgage Bankers Association of America, and has been quoted in publications from coast-to-coast. Month after month, Dave tackles hard-hitting topics that will keep your targets asking for more. Any material that is garnered from published sources will always be marked as such.

Even though you will receive more than one publication at once, we suggest spreading the distribution out during the month. The newsletter’s, should go out first because of the timely nature of the articles. For the Sales Update™, the day of a meeting with a referral source. The Financial Page™ can be delivered at any time—for example, to help convert a prospect call.

When you receive your login information there will be instructions on how to add your photo, contact information and any other pertinent information you would like displayed in your weekly personalized Financial Report™ –including disclosure language and logos. The monthly publications can be easily personalized as well using the PDF versions. However, extensive editing requires the use of Microsoft Publisher. The Sales Updates™ and Financial Pages™ will also be personalized automatically with the information from your profile.

Again, the goal is to make the information very readable for an audience that may not be particularly financially savvy. At the same time, we want to present you as an expert in so we don’t include recipes or handy home owner hints. The information is packed with relevant, timely, thought-provoking news, rather than bland or overly basic blurbs your business partners could get just about anywhere. It is an important balance to give them expert information that is not over their heads. The great news is that Dave Hershman has been writing at the consumer level for over 30 years.

Your personalized Financial Report™ is designed to be easily forwarded by you every Tuesday morning. We recommend that you send it to all of your existing business partners and referral sources to consistently add high value to these relationships, and heighten your status as their trusted advisor. As you pursue new referral sources, add these new prospects to your list as well. Explain to your recipients that you have invested in the Financial Report™, because you are committed to their success. You want to be the one to provide them with the high quality information they need to quickly and easily understand what is happening in the world of finances.

It’s easy — the FinancialPro team will provide you a personalized page that you can customize to your specification! You will simply log into your own personalized page and design according to your own personal preferences. You can add your own photo, logo, up to seven lines of contact information as well as disclosure logos and language. It is as simple as that. Note that the Sales Update™ and Financial Page™ are personalized in the same manner.

While the Financial Report™ template looks best with your photo and logo in place, you can make your template with only contact information if this best suits your needs at this time.

You can edit the picture, logo or contact information as necessary, but the content of the marketing pieces, especially emails should not be altered. The standardized formatting would be lost if the wording were changed. It is a very difficult balance to keep the
format standard on a variety of browsers. However, you can:

  • Include personal information before the email piece starts or after it ends if you are sending outside of our system. For example, a personalize message that says,  “Below is the latest news…” Adding text before or after the newsletter will not affect the format.
  • You may also alter print pieces if you have Microsoft Publisher. You even post this information on your web page or blog!
  • Create custom emails. The custom email builder will let you build a custom email and you will be able to cut and paste content from the other pieces and alter them  as needed.

While we encourage you to tell others about our service, you may not share your subscription with others. This is a personalized service designed for your individual use only. These newsletters contain copyrighted information, and may not be shared with others unless you have made special contractual arrangements with us. If you have several co-workers with your company that would like to use the service, we provide enterprise pricing that will lower the cost for everyone! For further questions on this matter, please call us at (800) 581-5678 or email Also, if you want to jointly market with one of your partners/referral sources, see question #10 regarding co-branding.

While there is no limit to distribution, please be aware that there are laws that prohibit faxing and emailing to those you don’t know. Using these documents to “SPAM” is prohibited. It is also bad business because you may be blocked by servers and then will be prevented from reaching those you know. The system includes training that is focused upon teaching you to build your sphere. It is a best business practice to distribute your value to those within your sphere.

The Financial Page™ – The use of The Financial Page ™ will vary depending upon the topic. It can also be used for joint mailings with other partners and for prospect conversion. For example, if an article is on improving your credit, when a prospect calls that has credit problems, you now have something of value to give them, increasing your chance of conversion to a client. Most of the topics are timeless (like the Sales Updates™), so you can keep them in archives as you need them.

Financial Report™, and Financial Update™ – These newsletters are general newsletters that are appropriate for your entire sphere—present and previous customers, prospects, referral sources and more. It is written in consumer language but is all business without recipes and handy homeowner hints. Therefore it is still appropriate for high level business professionals.

The Sales Update™ – The Sales UpdateTM is for anyone who is running a business (B-to-B). The articles focus upon general business and sales. It will give you great topics for presentations. Plus they will give you great sales advice for your own business.

The materials provided are newsletters with up-to-date information. Because they are not product-based, they are not considered advertising. The newsletters are submitted each week to a national company’s compliance department which has determined over time that submission to FINRA is not necessary. If you have a compliance department, we will help you by submitting to them as well. Note that each newsletter has a “personal” paragraph which can be used by each user. If you are subject to FINRA approval, it is advisable to keep this information generic as well. Additionally, there is ample space for providing any necessary disclosures and disclosure logos are built into the system.